Trailblazing the new dawn of decentralized finance

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Injective Labs is a research and development company focused on creating unmatched Web3 infrastructure and finance solutions. It is one of the core contributors to Injective.

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The first sector-specific blockchain built specifically for finance. Smart contracts enabled and highly interoperable with prominent L1s, including, but not limited to, Ethereum, Solana and Cosmos.

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The premier decentralized orderbook crypto exchange for trading crypto assets and derivatives. Helix offers zero gas fees, an intuitive user interface, and niche interchain markets.

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Injective Labs’ Validator Nodes

Injective Labs operates highly advanced validator nodes for promising projects across Web3.

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A next-gen DeFi protocol combining strategy vaults for passive yield generation and a one-click token launchpad.

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Validating the Best

Stake with a trusted team committed to creating a free and decentralized financial future. As core contributors to Injective, Injective Labs is dedicated to help secure other networks within the larger Web3 ecosystem.

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Securing Emerging Networks

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