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Our mission is to create a more free and inclusive financial paradigm through decentralization. By providing unparalleled access to financial markets, we are building a truly free, fair, and transparent economic system. The Injective Labs team is composed of distinguished engineers, traders and operators. We bring decades of extensive experience from major Fortune 500 companies to renowned tech organizations.

Our Team

Eric Chen-avatar

Eric Chen

Albert Chon-avatar

Albert Chon

Mirza Uddin-avatar

Mirza Uddin

Head of Business Development
Chris Choi-avatar

Chris Choi

SVP of Product
Noah Axler-avatar

Noah Axler

General Counsel
Julie Lee-avatar

Julie Lee

Director of Marketing
Bojan Angjelkoski-avatar

Bojan Angjelkoski

Technical Lead
Nam Dang-avatar

Nam Dang

Technical Lead
Nikola Marcetic-avatar

Nikola Marcetic

DevOps Engineer
Ruth Tsang-avatar

Ruth Tsang

Product Design Lead
Joan De Arcayne-avatar

Joan De Arcayne

Product Manager
Markus Waas-avatar

Markus Waas

Core Engineer
Thomas Lee-avatar

Thomas Lee

Frontend Engineer
Achilleas Kalantzis-avatar

Achilleas Kalantzis

Integrations Engineer
Bartek Tofel-avatar

Bartek Tofel

QA Engineer
Phuc Ta-avatar

Phuc Ta

Backend Engineer
Antoni Mysliborski-avatar

Antoni Mysliborski

Backend Engineer
Mikhail Pustovalov-avatar

Mikhail Pustovalov

Blockchain Engineer
Michele Meloni-avatar

Michele Meloni

Backend Engineer
Shane Moore-avatar

Shane Moore

Frontend Engineer
Ivan Angjelkoski-avatar

Ivan Angjelkoski

Frontend Engineer
Xinran Xu-avatar

Xinran Xu

Business Development Manager
Vivian Ma-avatar

Vivian Ma

Marketing Manager
Astra Kyzy-avatar

Astra Kyzy

Yangyang Li-avatar

Yangyang Li

PR Manager
Liangliang Ning-avatar

Liangliang Ning

Graphic Design Lead
Jacqueline Finnegan-avatar

Jacqueline Finnegan

VP of Talent Acquisition
Stefan Pik-avatar

Stefan Pik

QA Engineer
Dimitar Dimitrov-avatar

Dimitar Dimitrov

Community Manager

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